White Purity Of Swan

Oh Swan,
You're whiteness scares me,
The purity of feather goes together,
With the purity sought,
By fallen man,
Once his soul was lost.

Oh Swan,
Could I ever aspire,
To describe the desire,
Of saying what you really are?
The everlasting pure white choir,
Of a floating star.

by Sandra Feldman

Comments (16)

Abit choppy and as usual, Ella has it for Men. Now that could be good or bad?
very nice poem, very beautifully framed.
reading this poem made me interested to read about the author. her interest in positive thinking—not a bad thing in itself—shows here, but i wonder, do eagles always make it to the peaks they seek? i have seen crows at the mercy of strong winds, and i wouldn't want to discount the tragedies others have endured that are way beyond my struggles. yet i find comfort in the idea that abraham hoped against hope. -gk
Self-confidence, focus and determined efforts bring desired results. Exceptions may be there.
nice poem....thnx for sharing.......................
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