It Must Be Halloween!

With ruby eyes that glow in the dark,
Something walks, shrouded in mist.
Do you hear it? Listen! Hark!
Bones that rattle, teeth that clatter,
It must be Halloween!

Cats that yowl, dogs that howl,
Spiders that sit in webs too big!
A translucent figure floats by with a scowl.
Hear the horse's hooves? Yet there is no horse!
It must be Halloween!

Legislators increase our tax,
Then talk about cutting deductions back!
They vote themselves a hefty raise
and send out a fax: Time for our break.
Later, we'll give Social Security a whack!
It must be Halloween!

by Mary Naylor

Comments (2)

How original! This one has wit as well as wisdom. I like it very much. Warm regards, Sandra
Mary, I never really associated Halloween with Election Day until reading your poem. They do fall within days of each other and both are characteristically ghoulish. Good write! Brian