KW (1990 / Kansas)

It, My Truth Poem

A young confused smiling face. Who does not yet know IT place.
IT watches others to see what they do, in hopes that IT can do it too.
IT wants to stand out in a crowd, but yet IT wants to fit in.
IT wants to keep going, IT wants to keep growing. And learning,
And making mistakes, and blushing.

IT doesn’t care about the weather or what it’s like outside.
IT just wants to feel together with friends by IT’s side.
IT would rather stare and think, then dare and blink.
IT likes the sour taste of lemons on a summer afternoon.
But IT hates good-byes so IT says “See you soon…”

IT thrives for happiness and lives for tomorrow.

IT wants to be pure and faithful to the Lord.
IT can be shallow and self-absorbed.
IT enjoys being in love, and enjoys others being in love with IT.
IT would rather be known as normal, but still noticed.
IT has learned that people are watching you, even when you never noticed.

IT loves life. Overall IT cannot wait to see what IT will become.

This is My Truth.

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Terrific, Katie! Don't we all squirm at the memory...