HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

It Only Takes One

Help me please
I'm begging on bended knees!
Someone please take this pain away
Show me that there is another way.

I really want to tell you all
Of all what happened when I was small.
I can't help but think that I'm to blame
I should have done more to avoid the shame.

I find it hard to reach out to others
I did what I did to protect my brothers.
How will people react to the truth?
When there is very little I can show as proof.

So many times I have tried to talk
But people are impatient and tend to walk.
There are some things people will never know
My true thoughts and feelings will rarely show.

How can anybody think that I would lie?
Would people rather see me die?
I'm doing my best to try and cope
I tried to forget it all by smoking dope.

But now I know that's not the way
Why won't people stop and stay?
Why can't I let people know?
To make them understand why I feel so low.

I find it so hard to be able to trust
In case they let me down and disappear into dust.
I don't want people's pity
I just want to feel safe to walk around the city.

I want to be able to make people understand
For just ONE person to take me by the hand.
To reassure me that none of it was my fault
And bring all this pain to a final holt.

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I feel the pain, the longing for that someone who'd hear, in this poem, Its very well written. It's hard when you can trust noone and when there's a void! Preets