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It Ought Go Without Saying

It ought go without saying that power is with might
And the truth to be found in two wrongs don't make a right
And though to humanity's honor many an amazing feat
Our mistakes of the past we do tend to repeat

That history does repeat itself does seem to be so
The war supposed to end all wars was fought near a century ago
But from that we've not learned war is waged today
We give most of our power to the aggressive it does seem this way

And those we share things in common with we do wish to know
Hence we do make a friend of our enemy's foe
And where friends do fall out there is hostility
This is how we are and we always will be

We do have our good points and we do have our flaws
And we live by the book of our human made laws
From the birth pains of a woman our life's journey began
And old age and death follows youthful elan.

by Francis Duggan

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