It (Pennywise The Clown)

Poem By Lenore Lee

Pennywise the clown just won't die
It is evil enough to make me sigh
It says It wants to make me float
Just like Georgie's paper boat

"I don't want to float! " says I
You won't take me under like that guy
I won't be fooled by your invisible blood,
That only I can see; it must be a dud

I shoot It with my father's gun
BANG. Not dead. Run!
I just barely made it of the sea
But It is still running after me

It grimaces at me in a horrific manner
It looks as though everything is banner
I watch It shape-shift into my nightmares
I let out a panicked scream as I get quite a scare

As It's teeth grow long and sharp
I couldn't stop my wailing carp
His hands turn into fire; his torso into rock
He is wearing a clown's outfit; as if to mock

The fear I feel is getting buried in the sensation of being insulted
How dared It make my perception of reality altered? !
It can't be real; I refuse to believe I sighted it
No. This is a hallucination and I'll fight it.

I stop dead in the middle of Derry's deserted street
I wait in an unbearable silence for us to finally meet
It comes up to me and takes my hand
This is it: the time to make my final stand

I close my eyes and will It to turn back into an ordinary clown
When I open them again my fear and insult have gone down
For It is now an ordinary clown; I am having a hallucination after all
The only thing I fear is my sanity, so I gladly stand proud and tall

I walk with It to the drainage
I am fearless and full of sage
I follow It to the underground
Into the darkness I blithely go down

When I first got inside the tunnels I had to rub my eyes
Surely they deceive me with pretty lies
Because in the underground was a circus
I found it was real and my smile became rictus

There were rides and candy and shows and kids
But before I could admire it all, down I skid
Banged my head on concrete floor
Tried to get up but was too sore

Well Pennywise was there in a jiffy
He said that my chance of survival was iffy
I was scared of what he had said
He bit into my side and now I'm dead

Now home is the secret sewage circus with the other dead ones
We charm kids who are still alive to come down here, just for fun
We all have mutated bodies for we have been eaten
By It, the morphing monstrous clown we were beaten

*Dedicated to Steven King's Book 'It'

Comments about It (Pennywise The Clown)

hi pennywine the dances clown
I wish Penny would eat me [3
Your poetic talent and creativity is clearly shown through this fantastic and well crafted write that really impressed me very much and made me take my hat off in your honor and respect for you as a young and talented writer! 10+++ keep inspiring the World with more such works for you are in your way to the top of the Poetry World! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City...
haha this poem was phenomenal, I like how you've written this, truly spectacular!

5 out of 5
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