It Rained

Poem By Sudarkodi Nagarethinam

I see myself along with millions like me
Silence that’s deafening. Silence like death

I have been traveling for so long
May be to the kingdom of far-far away
I am moving away from my native land
Am I imprisoned and punished to be on exile?

I have changed my form
I have risen up too high
Why am I so inactive? So dumb?
Am I dead and rising up to heaven?

Perplexed and confused
But faith kept me going
If I am imprisoned I’ll be released one day
If I am dead I’ll have a rebirth one day

And it happened…
So suddenly, by natures’ rule
All those millions with me
Rushed along and touched the mother earth.

As though my joy and those of the millions’
Was seen across the sky in a flash so bright
And our energy through rejuvenation
Were heard so powerful.

I didn’t know if I was released or reborn
They only told me that it rained
I bowed to my lord
With all the colors of my gratitude.

Comments about It Rained

Bam bam bam.... Dash dash dash! I hit the earth.. Gravity still sucking me O god O god... Its painful. Streched, thinned and expanded I loose my shape I loose my shiny crystal color Then suddenly the sounds stop Silence prevails all the night.. Its morning... Awakened by the sound of horses.. I wake up and look to the east.. There i see the rising... Time moves on... the rising is high.. The lord wins the gravity. And i am heated, streched and expan... (Then he dies and disappears)

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