It's A Convenience, Isn'T It?

The suggested way,
To eliminate debts...
Is to pretend amnesia,
As best as one can.
Although the debts will still remain.
But getting to collect them,
Will be difficult to do...
If someone chooses to refuse,
To remember their own name.

'You've got to remember who you are.
You've got to.'

~Why the urgency? ~

'Because you OWE me.'

~You OWE me? ~

'NO. No. No.
Say I.O.U.'

~Why would I want to say that?
You just told me you were here,
Because 'you' OWE me.
Now which is it?
I don't know you to owe you a thing.~

'It's a convenience, isn't it? '

~What is? ~

'Your amnesia.'

~So I guess you're here to take that too?
If it's true that I have it,
Why can't you get your own? ~

'Because I don't HAVE it.'

You are certainly not going to take,
My 'convenience' to make it yours.
To make it inconvenient for me.
I don't think so.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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