You Idiots And We Fools

Ascend; you can touch the heaven
As when the destiny is half as good as a slave to your whims sudden
And as you have now become synonymous with the destiny
You wish to take a midnight walk and be happy
Shuffling dreams of pretty girls coming your way under the canopy of stars
And the curious moon just looks on being as if under your spell of secrets
While your parents' happiness sees no bounds
After being so much amused with your playful whims
We became speechless
And were surprised at your parents' darkness
Where fostered for you was love and dotage as phenomenal
As that of a turtle
Against a sea-side always looking at her child with fidgets and feels
But not as fair as of a toad mooning about all day long in dingy wells
Easily led and bending to you our pliant knees
And lips fumbling while speaking to you but as you please
Blindfolded she heard what you said
And deaf-struck the message she read
Smiles of innocence she smiled
Dreams of life with you she dreamed
Since that day of affirmation upon your nodding
It was but a pretext beyond our concept surfacing
Or was it a break in the monotony of American life
That gave a fillip to your fickle mind in strife
Or was it an arrogance of American money
That cared little or nothing of our feelings and agony
But fed only to your pride and joy
Oh, my child don't give away
Even a single drop of tear to those idiots
Regardless of how we have been fooled in a manner dexterous
Nothing will stop us from wishing
You a happy wedding


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Good work...the misunderstandings that happen between friends are portrayed nicely You might like to read my poemAn Ode to my dear Friend' thankyou
I am guilty of thinking in endless circles too
'' It is a puzzle. '' The whole LIFE is a PUZZLE..