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It's About The Way You Stare At Me
JH (May 29,1998 / Windsor, ON Canada)

It's About The Way You Stare At Me

Poem By Jamal Hamadani

It's about your glare
And how you sit there in silence
And stare

It's about how you smile
And share your happiness across to me

About your voice and how it satisfies me
It helps me grow

My mind may be jumbled and lost
But when I feel your touch
I am in the right place
I'm home

It's about how your voice speaks to me
When you are away
Just about the way you smile at me
When you lay
I love you

I will cherish you until the very end
So be sure we spend
As much time together
Because when my day comes for me to pass
I want to see your eyes
And hold your hand
And hear you speak
Until my hand falls weak
Stay with me

Be sure you move on my love
Spread your wings and fly
I do love you more and more everyday
But after I'm gone

I Want You To Soar Even Higher

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Comments (3)

glare, smile, voice, your beautiful eyes. u stood still thre lookng at me.... love, its mysteries, its folly, its dangers, its consolations........ thank you dear poet. tony
Jamal, such a lovely write...10+++
Write comment. A good start, Jamal. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks