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It's About Time!

you say you don't have time for me.
well i sugest you pause the clock.

speaking of time,
im sick and tired of being sick and tired.
and as of right now im puttin it to a stop.

im tired of your excuses.
and im sick of all yo lies.
hell' i can do bad all by myself.
i was feelin down.
bout its time for me to rise.

you dont appreciate me
if you did you'd try and help
but guess wat i no longer give a damn'

matter of fact i want you outta my life
you are no longer my man.

i packed your things as you can see
i have put up with you for qite sum time.

there's a time and place for every thing
and it's time for me to get back my peace devine.

i lettered da 3 boxes of yours a.b.and c.
after you load up a and b leave my car, da house and shed key.

i laugh wen you said' wat bout box c? '

it's an empty box just in front of the door to help you about.
you prolly wonderin' hows it gonna help you.

it's gonna help you c yo way out.

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hahaha, awesome poem, i was waiting to see what the 'c' box was, then i say the end, and just LOVED the poem, its funny, and very very very good, good write :) x3, mill
Letting go of someone has to be voluntary on our part, or his! If not, then time will come when we are the one to be faulted of such act dear! High marks.