JS (9-Oct-1981 / India)

'It's Accounts' Class'

Something went wrong today
The teacher seems to have lost his way
Never has he been so out
“You are wrong, ” I want to shout
All the people seem so uninterested
With crazy thoughts are their minds vested

“Did you get what he just said? ”
“No, it went right over my head.”
Silent glances go around the room
Passion has given way to gloom
Waiting on him to stop the pain
(Hurry up if you want us sane) .

“Did you understand? ” he inquires
“Yes sir”, (that’s all we require)
Silly smiles on the way he speaks
(Leave us alone, you deceiving freak)
Regular coughing makes his voice hoarse
(I think) he went way past the course

I sit here writing this piece
When he’s talking about loan, rent, lease
“This you will use throughout your life.”
Not unless I kill myself with a knife
Hey it is over, I’m still alive
But economics tomorrow, will I survive?

by Jasjiv Singh

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