It’s Again Me! ! !

After a long;
Happiness beholden me,
In care of parents, in smile of pals
With mellows of cream
The time has molded me…
I am in glen of refreshness,
I am in me,
Yes after a long
It’s again me! ! !
The time has passed in chains of rust
The days do blew off in clock of dust! ! !
Beholding trust,
I am on every land of heart
I am again on every land of crust! ! !
Infant was I melted in Black Ocean,
Responsible was I drown in notorious notion,
Books of failure taught me success
After a long
It’s again me
Relaxing on expectancy desk,
Discarding vex…
Silly was I
Floating o’er brooks of tears
Owl was I in nights of mare
But; it’s again me
Under blankets of love
Under blankets of care
Happiness beholden me,
Yes, after a long it’s again me! It’s again me! ! !

by Tapashya Das

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Books of failure taught me success.....i think i love means a lot God bless you