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It’s All About You
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It’s All About You

Poem By william mae

You’re the tune that’s in my memory,
That I never can forget.
Not a moment spent together,
Is there living one regret.

You’re my refuge when I’m weary,
A rock that I hold to,
When my days grow old from living,
I hope I’m spending them with you.

You’re the grass in my green pasture,
My Island in rough seas,
You’re the only love that’s ever,
Lived inside of me.

You are sunshine, you’re my flower,
A lover and my friend,
You’re my start to every morning,
You’re my smile at each days end.

You’re my northern star that’s shining,
Always showing me the way,
Keeps my heart and soul from drifting,
In the storms of life I face.

You’re the wind inside my sails,
Gently pushing me along,
You’re the notes to all my music,
You’re the words to all my songs.

You’re the answer to all my problems,
The solution to all my woes,
I find happiness just thinking,
About you everywhere I go.

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