KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

It’s All About You

My thoughts are of you and your full nakedness has taking over my very thoughts not only with your body but your mind and soul as well....

I want to be the one you fall in love with, the one you come home too at night, I want to hear you call my name as you speak your voice shakes my soul to the awareness of what love should feel like.

To my surprise you became my water, my fire, my only one desire it is who you are that makes me feel as if I can fly to another level of being in this tranquility of love.

As I sit here I can feel your present, your stillness and my very being is with you wrapped in your arms in a life time of forever.

My thoughts are running crazy wondering what you have done to me. You have in bedded yourself into my heart as if you have always been there; my soul has reached its point of being in love with you and it is as clear as day that you have always been my Adam as I am your Eve.

It’s all about you and the power you have over me it has made me have an appetite with your name all over it, a passion that is pulling and pushing to get out, unleash this gentle woman with just one taste of you.

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