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~ It's All Greek To Me~

Love and light beamed down
Upon the city of Athen's
Helenic warriors armed for war
A Thousand Trojan Soldiers
Upon horses-carry their swords
To the Coliseum
Or upon the very steep hill
Acropolis 'tis awaiting
Ever so very still
The Aegeans Seas deep blue
Refelections O' the sky
Full sun upon this enigma
Love and light they will abide
For what once was unknown
Mount Olympus now reveals
Removing all the hidden
The God's no longer conceal
Athena-O' Athena-Your wisdom
It humbles we
Your brillance 'tis blinding
Filled with absolute clarity
We thank you for your spirit
And all consuming grace
Answers at long last arriving
Truths that we now must face

Greece and the Origins Of

I Love You...

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to catalog all the gifts of the Greeks is a daunting task, but you've created a fine summary. Like the gifts of the poet, we can offer them only well-considred-but-still-inadequate words of gratitude and wonder. Nice tribute.
My greatest thanks to you both. Tara and Melvina. Your words are always encouraging. My best, Theo
Wonderful flow, beautiful imagry, I love fantasy poems, excellent--Melvina--
Greek but clear and unique as a beautiful day. A gorgeous engaging uplifting read Theo. t x
Splendid imagery, ah the fantasy times.