It's All In Hell

I don't know you much but

is your heart like a frustrated dog with slime inching to the ground from his lip?
Am I just at witts end with roaming the city with my head sunken to the sidewalk?

You make things race faster outside of my soul than the day I'll die

People have been known to chase and chase me all the way back to my shell
it's all in hell
From there

I am not a thirsty dog
But I'm frustrated as the chain taking his breath away, wrapped around his neck
I want to be in anyones arms
But I can't glue myself there yet I'm a baby with a fleeting chatter exiting my being
I can't help 'who' I'm being

But it's all in hell
And I can't help
Wait for me in hell
I know that you will be there
Do you know that I will?

You're okay, you're well
You walk up to me

It's all in hello

by Cynnd Rose

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