It 's All Part Of 'His' Plan!

New Beginnings are here, I must put aside my fears.
To do what I feel is best, I expect this will be a test!
I pray to 'YOU' and ask for help, in finding the strength within myself.
I know 'YOU' will help me in a way - but at times I may astray.
Knowing 'YOU'RE' on my side - well it's worth giving it a try!

Life is a challenge, everyday! I must accept it in a way.
To make me believe, I did the best I could
and to's the way it should!
I may be right, I may be wrong!
But the road to 'happiness' is ohhh so long!
So who are they, to judge you or I.
As long as 'HE' knows at least we tried.

Growing-up is never ending, there is a pathway 'HE' is sending.
'Should I'... 'Could I'? Are everyday questions.
Oh help me 'LORD' choose the right direction!
Lately I've asked 'Where are 'YOU'? At times like this, it's all too new.
I need 'YOU' beside me to let me know, if this is the pathway - that I should go!

I know 'YOU'RE' there, in the Heavens so high.
If I had one wish - I'd be a bird in the sky!
Only to meet you half of the way, and to ask 'YOU',
what 'YOU' would say?

I know 'YOU'RE' busy, but I need 'YOU' now.
I will meet 'YOU' on the highest cloud.
But 'LORD' to ask 'YOU' for this request,
is one I know that will never rest!

Knowing 'YOU'RE' there, I hear 'YOUR' call.
As I fly, I take my first fall!
'YOU' didn't help me 'LORD', Where were 'YOU'?
My only request, I have so few!

That's o.k. I know 'YOU'RE' busy, no one said this would be easy!
What did I learn? 'YOU' ask of me, that maybe next time 'YOU'LL' help me see.
I do understand 'YOU'RE' not physically here, but believe me 'LORD', I know 'YOU' care!

Keeping this in mind will help me understand, that 'trial-and-error' will never end!
I did learn at times, we are alone.
The end result 'of which is our own'.

Others may not be happy, of what our choices may be.
But I know 'YOU'LL' accept ME -as -ME!
To realize what life's all about, at times we may have our doubts.
I know in time I may fall again, but 'THIS IS ALL PART OF 'HIS' PLAN!

by DeeDee Beaton

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