It's All Up To You

Thinking back I remember
How it use to be
Will it be the same way
The next time you see me?

Will your arms reach for me
To want to hold me tight?
Do thoughts of me
Creep into your dreams at night

Do memories of days gone by
Still live inside your head?
Or would you rather that it be
That memories of the past be dead?

How happy would you be
If I were in your arms some how?
Would your lips speak words of love
Or just stay silent now?

Would a smile cover your face
From cheek to shining cheek?
Would you have anything to say
Or would you rather not speak?

For me it would be easy
I'd hold you so tight
Remembering all the times
Holding you close at night

I would want to love you
Like I never loved you before
I'd stay awake all night
Hoping to love you more

I'd pray the star's would guide us
The moon would be our light
But you see it's all up to you
If we share the night


by Ray Hansell

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