(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

It’s Almost Past Twelve And I Have No Words

It’s almost past twelve and I have no words
No words to express this feeling inside
A sadness of eternity, the lost thereof
Of multitudes, too many, blind in their stride

Everyday passing we see them go by
One more time and another, we turn a blind eye
Too much hassle or maybe a waste
Will our words have no impact, or not to their taste?

Is it not worth the risk to just tell the truth
To extend a warm heart and a glimpse of Him?
Do we fear the scoff of ignorant pride
Or the surfacing of doubt that we try to hide

Do we realize the loss that a Father’s heart suffers?
Millions of souls for whom He gave it all
Deceived by the world and going down with the fall
Dying a death that’s beyond mortality

Oh Lord
I seek Your power, my mouth’s companion
To do the work that good arguments don’t
I yearn to see Your glory sprout new in lives of the lost
For hearts to be quenched in the source of light

It’s almost past twelve as time nears its end
Many will fall away on the broad path’s bend
The straight is narrow and few there are who find it
But my heart and my words give a chance to find it!

Find it!


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I already told you that this one brought tears to my eyes! This is a poem I can read again and again....