It's Always Brightest Before The Dawn

It's Always Brightest Before the Dawn

by Mary Naylor

Come dance with me,

Come Dance with me,

Let's twirl and laugh for the world to see!

This night of night,

Please hold me tight.

Dancing across the sky, on this star-swept night!

As the bright dawn breaks,

My heart leaps and quakes,

For you'll be gone when I awake!

Adieu, adieu, my dear,

But first hold me near,

For nothing can stop the dawn I fear!

Goodbye, My love,

I see the sun above,

Just one more kiss, Au revoir, Beloved!

by Mary Naylor

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It's sad to see the night slip over the edge of the world but the day just gives different colours, not worse ones. good job. With respect, Abby