It's As Easy As This

Truth be told
Doesn't matter if I'm young or old
Because inside I am constantly a silly soul
Some days I am very bold but others I forget my role
Saving the misunderstood from losing themselves
Welcome to my goal

Some days I don't want to belong

Some days I want to run away far

Some days I want to cry in the outdoors
And ask god to guide me
Or hope that the stars will hide me
From disaster

Some days I feel it's already over
When I have barely begun

Some days I know I shouldn't try
I've already accepted it
Let me die
Let me whine
Let me

Those days are daily routines of mine
So if you ever find me alone
Keep your eye fixated on where I go
Learn my movements
My patterns
Learn who I am and you will see
You now just started to know me

Countless times I am told straight to my face
I am too silly for my age
I'm a fool, it's true
But I wouldn't live my life any other way

Listen to my words and understand them

Think about love and our type of connection

Accept who you are
You are you
You are
One of a kind

I am me
So I will be
Watching over you
Even if I'm gone
And I am not there
I am

I am as lonely as a star in the night sky hiding in the corner
I surround myself with shining glows

I insert myself where the wind blows

I place myself where I can hear the howls of the weak

Through my perspective I will change the world

It's As Easy As This

by Jamal Hamadani

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