It's Autumn-Atic!

The heatwave's gone! The sun retreats! The Summer bids adieu!
'What a scorcher! ' thus completes the season known as 'Phew! '
It's 'Autumn-atic' what ensues and Winter waits its turn...
September starts its coloured hues on trees as green as fern.
Is that a chill within the bones? Rheumatic pains increase.
Across the nation, hear the groans from those who can't find peace!
So on with extra togs on beds, our duvets to improve.
So on with extra logs from sheds, our living rooms to soothe.
The folks with central heating, too, turn up a notch each night.
It's no good if their feet turn blue, 'cos that would be a sight!
Out come the extra pairs of socks, the mittens and the scarves!
And soon we have to change the clocks we don't do things by halves!
We watch the roads in case of ice! We watch dark days take hold!
Then chestnuts ripen in a trice all shiny, good as gold!
Then Halloween's bewitching spell enchants, once cast, till past...
Bonfires burn as if from hell! Then Christmas comes AT LAST!

by Denis Martindale

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