It's Beautiful

You are the most beautiful person
If you love yourself.
Your friendship is really beautiful
If it is to understand and to be understood.
If you able to ask a beautiful question
You may get a more beautiful answer
Your eyes may be called beautiful
If it look for the good things in others
Your lips may be addressed ‘beautiful'
If it speaks sweet words and smile.

The beautiful things may be invisible
It can't be touched too
It always felt in the heart
And then reflect on the eyes.
The most beautiful things in the world are
Babies, women, flowers, the moon
And the nature.
All babies are beautiful
But the baby on mother's lap
May be black or white, is most beautiful.

All women are also beautiful
But those delights the eyes,
Confident and understanding
Are extra ordinary.
All flowers are beautiful
But those have nice looks
And fragrance,
May be of garden product or wild
Or nameless,
Are outstanding and touch the heart.

The most beautiful creation
Of the human spirit is mathematics
It's most powerful creation too.
God applied beautiful mathematics
In creating the world.
But human apply mathematics
To create and destroy both.
The world would be more beautiful
If father, mother, teacher and leader
would really be interested.

by Asit Kumar Sanyal

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