It's Been A Domino Day

It's been a domino day
All the poets were out to play
One poem was started by Marci Made
Inspiration for Andrew came
and then a comment from myself was paid
Which I liked so much it became a poem today
Then that inspired another poem displayed
Poems were laid
like dominoes played

by JoJo Bean

Comments (4)

I enjoyed your playful poem. It also reminded me of a game of tag. Isn't it wonderful how inspiration can be contagious?
PS>>>>>>>>>>>> great, great title too. very catchy.....forgot to add that, rushing before the pages stop turning, , me
Now this is just so clever and dang this PH for not working since last evening until about an hour ago....40 minutes for a page to turn.....! ! ? ? ? I can't deal with that, so, I gave up.....So I'm late getting to this....Inspiration to someone where something concerns me, well, it's a first.....must have been a higher power putting words through my fingers.............marci.xoxo. :) ~~~
JoAnn it is nice when poetry can inspire others to write, especially when your feeling down or at a loss for words. I know it can sometimes happen to me. Top of the range poem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David