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It's Been Blowed And Saucered
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It's Been Blowed And Saucered

When you're with friends
and they say
Here's your favorite coffee,
just the way
You like it fresh an' hot
Just off the stove,
and pipin' hot.

For you it's special
Cause as we
move into fall
And wint'rs coming shortly
With the wind blowing
a special chill.
I know you'll appreciate
it so much
When th' cups too hot to touch
So I blowed and saucered it
Making it a pleasure to sip.

Do you remember when we
were once young and gay
And with our friends and neighbors
shared each and every day
Never thinking that we
would get so decrepit
Making it so hard
to move around a bit.

But with this special coffee
You can be sure that you and me
Will get together again
in the spring time
Just you wait and see.

So if your cups been overflowing,
Maybe it's cause of your own doing,
And just another way of saying,
Your coffee's done been
blowed and saucered,
And is for you to enjoy and to sip
For it's time to warm old bones
Before memories glowing fires
And maybe get another cup.
So go ahead and take
another well deserved sip.


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