It's Been Said

It's been said that she should have been indoors after dark
Or that she should not have walked home through the park
And that as victim she must take part of the blame
And that there is an excuse for 'what's his name'.

It's been said that if she had took the early train
That she would have saved herself distress and pain
Or that she should have walked home the long way round
As Parkland after dark forbidden ground.

But in free Country she should have the right
To walk back home at any time of night
And to take short cut through the park when walking back
And not have to live in fear of an attack.

For the offender childhood years were tough
He left home early took to living rough
He's been in jail before and served some time
Life on the street give way to life of crime.

Flanked by police and with coat around his head
He left the court room bound for a prison bed
But six months not enough for act of shame
And the judge was lenient to 'what's his name'.

He took the happy look from good young woman's face
And left a ravaged person in it's place
And the hurt will live in her for many a day
And six months for him doesn't seem big price to pay.


by Francis Duggan

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