'' It's Called Living ''

Sausages are bad,
So are eggs,
Butter is sad,
As are frogs legs.

Sugar will kill,
Sweets as well,
That diet pill?
Will send you to hell.

Crisps full of fat,
Drink that destroys,
Freshly killed rat,
Really only annoys.

A beautiful steak,
Medium or rare,
That buttercream cake,
Eat if you dare.

Broccoli or carrot,
It's what's inside,
You'll be sick as a parrot,
With insecticide.

The turkey you're carving,
With bacteria it's rife,
Better stay starving,
There's dirt on the knife.

My last bit of cheer,
Is dangerous too,
A whisky and beer,
Will kill me it's true.

Let's tell the boffins,
We'll do what we like,
Regardless we need coffins,
So go take a hike.

In this bloody existence,
What is unforgiving,
Kills all with persistence,

‘' It's Called Living ‘'

by Bri Mar

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Killer poem Bri................