It's Christmas Day! All's Secure

Note: I don’t often put poems up that are not my own. But at the end this poem came with a request from the unknown author who wanted lots of people to read it by passing it on. As I read the poem I understood why and decide if I post it as the readership would end up worldwide. I removed the mark counter as it is not needed for this, but if want to pass this poem along please be my guest.


by David Harris Click to read full poem

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A beautiful story from a compassionate soul - written with a touch of Oscar Wilde. Thanks for sharing this David. love, Allie xxxx
Duly noted... delivery is securely doing the rounds... as for the Peace Corps.... I salute you! Merry Christmas and safety in 2008 for all those that protect us! !
I always thought this was a beautiful poem... thank you for posting it. Writing to say I'm checking in from New York, USA, and sending my love to all the peace-keeping soldiers who've made my night tonight and in the future 'all secure'... Lee
This is something I have read many times and can nver get tired of.I thank you for sharing it and giving me the pleasure of reading it once again. Best Regards, Michael S.
I recieved this by e.mail some time ago it is very beautiful so tell your friend it has been sent around the New Zealand side of the world. I to wish there was a poets name at the bottom. I, d like to think the world is secure. Merry Christmas. Ann
There is something very moving / touching about this piece David, You have a caring attitude and conection with your fellow man (((((((((((YOU'RE A STAR!)))))))))) (((((((((SHINE ON!))))))))))))) Love duncan X
You had me cry reading this, David..There are also plenty here in our place. I was touched by this poem, that even in his discomfort and no food to celebrate and he is lonely, still his heart goes for the security of everybody so they can celebrate it with peace.Thank you very much David, for sharing me this poem. Love and hugs, Meggie
It's a shame that the author of this poem is unknown as this poem has and will touch many hearts this holiday season. Thanks for posting it as it was a very enjoyable read. Beth
Well done. You have done your duty. Now it's ours to pass it on. Tom