AB (March 10,1920 / Asmara, Eritrea)

It’s Cold Here.

It's cold here.
3: 25 Am, and here I am
in a long line of people
waiting to buy bread.
It's cold here.

Life has been so tough lately.
I just hope today is not like
those annoying days I have known
Where I had to go back home
Empty handed.
It's cold here.

I once read a poem about people
waiting inline for bread
and finding themselves
in a hospital bed.
That’s if they get lucky,
cus some get dead.
It really is cold here.

Anyways, I just hope my day unravels
in so many beautiful ways.
It’s so damn cold here.


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Comments (3)

Ahh i really like this one, its very simple yet so deep
This poem looks simple, but it's got hidden pain, and a certain hopefulness too! Great one! Preets
Good atmospheric poem. It makes you shiver and want to get back into a warm bed. I hope all your days unravel in beautiful ways :)