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It's Complicated.
CH (23 December / New Zealand)

It's Complicated.

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

I’m hearing what your saying.
But what you’re saying isn’t heard,
By ears that can’t stop spinning,
From things disgustingly absurd.
Fault lies within my longing,
For something you cant do.
I regret more than I can admit,
But still I’ll follow you.
I lost my kiss this morning,
And my touch is close behind,
How can I lose more than I’ve ever had,
At any other time?

I’m spinning into shadows,
As the ebbing, lonely tide,
Washes over things important,
Leaving only us behind.
Distract me without reason,
For your reasons seem to be,
A way to drown my aching heart,
In a world of make believe.
It smells like cancer blossoms,
The way it settles in my grave,
Giving me time to contemplate.
Reasons to why I misbehave.

Ill love you without honesty,
Because, unhindered on my lips,
Is the name of a man forsaken,
By my mesmerizing hips.
He knows nothing of my future,
But he is the Reaper to my soul,
I crawl to him on broken knees,
Giving him total control.
So search me for an answer,
Search me till I’m bones,
I’d die to be his lover,
But I’m just one of his drones.

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