It's Days Like This

The South West Gippsland countryside is at it's greenest
It is a warm and beautiful sunday
And sheep and cattle grazing in the sunshine
Reminds me of my Homeland far away.

Reminds me of Duhallow in the Springtime
Of my homeplace near Millstreet Town in May
The chaffinch singing on the leafy maple
And skylark o'er the bog greeted the day.

I climb the high green fields by Clara mountain
And take in the breath taking scenery
The countryside is lush and at it's greenest
From Millstreet all the way to Knocknagree.

It's days like this that bring back the nostalgia
For leafy groves where thrush and robin sing
And i can understand from past experience
Why migrants feel so homesick in the Spring.

It's days like this that starts one visualizing
Of flower fringed stream where dipper chirp and trill
Of rushes by the hedge where pheasant's cucking
And lambs playing in the high field by the hill.

The south west gippsland countryside is looking green now
As green as it has ever looked before
On days like this i think of Clara mountain
And the fields of Claraghatlea and Claramore.

by Francis Duggan

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