It's Difficult To Abruptly Change

It's difficult,
To abruptly change a tour through life...
Of those taught lessons to learn and follow.
Without understanding,
They too have been misguided.

It's difficult,
To ask questions to get answers...
From the ones who say,
Changes must be done and right away.
For purposes to correct false steps accepted.
Without perceiving them deceivers to suspect.

So difficult it is to approach a closing door.
A door told would always remain open.
And had an abundance inside from ceiling to floor.
But a sign upon that door now reads:
'Your expectations to find here are no more.'

It's difficult to watch,
People unrest protesting the facts.
And out of control with wishes their delusions sold,
Be left intact and honored.
It's difficult to stop addictions to end...
When people believe they are entitled to them.

It's difficult to abruptly change a tour through life,
Of those taught lessons to learn and follow.
Without understanding to comprehend their plight.
Or to realize they too have been misguided.
To not know the right paths to take existed.
And any questions to ask were quickly dismissed.

It's difficult to reject those given permission,
To wish and dream for things they can receive.
With it then told to them,
Opportunities offered had, in fact, been teased.
And any addictions needing a quick fix,
Are better to forget their expectations of it.

~What do we want? ~
'Our delusions.'
~When do we want them? ~
~And what do we want? ~
'Our delusions.'
~And WHEN? ~
'Right NOW.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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