It's Do It

Poem By Nadalia Bagratuni

Have you ever figured out,
It is not a question that comes about,
When you just want to do it,
You do,
Nothing interferes or stops you!

Then why not let others do it to?
What are were all going to do?

If by chance,
You do not understand,
Let me lead you gently with my hand,
Guide you to the place where it all began.

By this time it may sound funny,
I remember my first and it was with honey.

I poured it on,
And it spread all over,
I just could wait until I could devour it.

I waited until I could stand it no more,
I stood there in the kitchen,
My knees were trembling and eyes were twitching,
As I saw what I was about to eat,
The picture of delight,
I softly watched it in the light.

Oh, how peanut butter and jelly
Is augmented with honey!

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