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It's Going To Rain

It appears like it s going to rain fiercely
The sights that approve it are people running down every street hurriedly

There just rumbled a thunder although the lightening has gone missing
Its just lovely to look at the children dancing while it is raining

Panic could be noted on a few faces who didn’t know how live life upto the extent
But how often do such things happen like the showers of energy that are sent

The women could be seen picking up their dresses and scampering to their waiting family
And their children behind them with glee on their faces seem to enjoy this phenomenon, incredibly

Curtains are flinging without a proper sense of direction
And the water is flooding into houses much to people’s irritation

The elders command the doors to be shut
While the youth in the family longs to run outside to get wet

As time passes the screeching of children is silenced by mothers who discover them is full wrath
The more dignified one shadow themselves with their umbrella and hurry down the paths

Too bad this has abruptly come to an end
How wonderful it would be if we had to go through this again

by amans bho

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