It's Great To Be An Actress!

Yes, it's great to be an actress - in fact, it's fun-derbar!
And with a measure of success, perhaps I'll be a star!
To wear the finest clothes on Earth like catwalk models do,
Can give a girl a sense of worth to thrill you through and through!
To talk in accents not your own is quite 'der challenge' yet,
It's up to you, your skills to hone! Get all that's there to get!
Portray in every way you can the character within...
That's how to please the fervent fan who wills you on to win!
Perform in plays and tv shows, plus adverts, films and such!
Make friends with amateurs and pros - each one can teach so much!
Success or failure! Come what may! An actress I will be!
You'll watch me on tv, one day! Yes, just you wait and see!
You'll beg me for my autograph, signed pictures and much more!
Yet when I'm gone, my epitaph will simply say, 'ENCORE! '

by Denis Martindale

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