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It's Hard Being Disabled Period
LM (March 10,1967 / Chicago, IL. USA)

It's Hard Being Disabled Period

It’s hard being disabled period.
But to be young, disabled and
in search of love some times seems

For when you are in a wheelchair
People of the opposite sex seem
to never pay you any attention,
and if they do they always seem to
just want to be friends.

Well, I got plenty of friends,
but I have not one lover.

It’s hard being disabled period.
But it’s even harder to be young, disabled
and in search for love.

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Comments (3)

To a very large extent you're are correct, I would have agreed with your conviction in Toto except that last month I met a middle class young handsome gentle man who is married to a partially crippled lady. Since then, I have come to believe strongly that love is a spiritual experience that abodes wherever it feels like. A nice piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Sometimes people forget we are human beings too and treat us as creatures to be protected.... Everybody needs love and you expressed that realistically in your poem.
What can I say Ronald, a lovely poem expressing a little despair, but I hope no giving in, love is always around the corner, it will appear without you realising it, one of these days. Lots of hugs from me while you are waiting. Love Ernestine XXX