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It's Hard To Wait

It's hard to wait for what is promised you
You wonder how He can use this broken soul
Does He hear your prayers?
What is His goal?
But time is His tool
The answers may come too slow for you
His way is your way
So you must wait for your promise due

(30 June 2007)

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I see your point in here and know the feeling.....being the oldie here, I've come to the conclusion, that if we want something then we have to somehow, someway go after it...Yes, were guided but I believe the more broken we may be the more we must figure out a way to put us back together....His ways are not always ours, like why do little ones die young or are abandoned....This is not heaven and I guess it's up to us to find our way while here...We never we're promised a rose garden and that is proven time and time again....So we can wait or we can get up and do something to change it or at least improve it....And yes, that is so much easier to say then do...Well written words here.....all good things do not come to those who wait, sometimes, the ball is in our park and we can leave it alone and wait or pick it up and move on......This is what I tell myself, do I or can I always do it, no, not at all...It's work but waiting doesn't work for me and prayers aren't always granted not in today's world at least..Look at London yesterday...We just have to live each day, praying that our SS does its job like they did with JFK airport, ..It's life, , , , , , it's hell, , , , , but heaven will one day be ours......marci. :)