It's Just A House

It’s just a house, like any house
That you might see perchance,
Nothing special, nothing odd,
Not worth a second glance.

That’s just one more suburban wife
In her suburban car,
Like any other one you’d see
Around here or afar.

That’s just a child, like any child,
The sort you might ignore –
But did you ever see a child
That beautiful before?

Can you remember bluer eyes,
A more beguiling smile,
And have you ever seen before
A more angelic style?

I’m just a man, another man,
A stranger passing by.
A man she wouldn’t look at twice.
She wouldn’t see me cry.

She wouldn’t look and wonder why
I walk away so sad.
And wouldn’t know not long ago
She used to call me Dad.


by Terry Donovan

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It may be 'Just a house', but it's definately not, 'Just a poem'. This was very poignant, and all too common these days. Beautiful.