MN (11-08-1970 / )

''It's Just Another Bomb Threat Mom''

She's not in class
where she should be at 9: 15 a.m.
She's at the church
acrossed the street from the high school
She assured me she's fine.
''Don't worry Mom''
''It's just another bomb threat
no big deal.''

She's so relaxed...
yet my heart races!
Could this be the day
that they aren't joking?
Who says it's just a ''threat''?
How am I supposed to stay calm
when the bomb sniffing dogs
are making their way
through the darkest hallways
of your school?

This happens often...
too often.
The recurrent sight of the serpent-like
line of teenagers winding their way
acrossed the street
seeking the safety of the old church.

Where are the parents
fighting for
''separation of church and state''
I bet they're glad to have their child
sheltered by the church's crumbling walls now.

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'take me back, way back, to when life made more sense.' by Van Morrison from Take Me Back
Life can get real scary these days, who knows what weirdos are about, suddenly taking it into their minds to do something diabolical. Mind you the chances are millions to one, so it's the fear of fear itself, that gets us all in a tizz. Don't panic too much, keep that smile on your face. Love Ernestine XXX
You had me reading in one direction and I got whiplash when you wrote the last verse. I wonder if anyone said a little prayer the threat wasn't real before or after they left the school. Rusty
Good point Mary! Lovely story too. Moyaxx
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