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~it's Just Another Bomb Threat Mom~

She's not in class
where she should be at 9: 15 a.m.
She's at the church
acrossed the street from the high school.
She assured me she's fine.
''Don't worry Mom
It's just another bomb threat...
no big deal.''

She's so relaxed...
yet my heart races!
Could this be the day
that they aren't joking?
Who says it's just a ''threat''?
How am I supposed to stay calm
when the bomb sniffing dogs
are making their way
through the darkest hallways
of your school?

This happens often...
too often.
The recurrent sight of the serpent-like
line of teenagers winding their way
acrossed the street
seeking the safety of the old church.

Where are the parents
fighting for
''separation of church and state''
I bet they're glad to have their child
sheltered by the church's crumbling walls now.

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How very scary! ! ! And what are our children getting used to these days? Take care, Lee
Mary, This reminds me of an incident at a local high school where some student(s?) decided it would be 'cute' to write on a calendar 'Bring Your Gun To School Day' close by to another entry saying 'Come To School Naked Day' (or something like that) . The high school was forced to lock down the school from all outside visitors, police officers were taken off the streets to stand guard around the school and this was a relatively small town, so resources were minimal to begin with. Gratefully, there was no incident on the campus but those children were robbed of an opportunity to improve themselves in a more peaceful and traditional manner and instead were forced to learn the harsh realities of the world we now live in. Great poem! Valerie Serendipity Anderson from Sarge Street Studios
Absolutely correct! But Mary I know what it is to worry about your Children, REALLY! But in most cases there is little or no warning, yet each time we feel compelled to act on the fear of threat, even the slightest possibillity of such things sends us into a frenzy! If I had the answer I would give it Just quite why we do it is obvious..........We care! It must be so much easier not to at times but who needs that? It is the admirable and strong part of being a parent that allows us to care I pray that your Children are safe from such things, Love Duncan x