It's Just Blood

I had just accidentally smashed
my boyfriend Howard in the forehead
with a horseshoe. The blood surged
through his eight year old fingers,
dripping down his face. I screamed,
dropped the horseshoe and spun
to race towards the house,
'No, don't tell anyone! ' He tried to
block me from reaching grown-ups
and help.

I remember looking into his eyes,
and seeing blind love, and fear.
He could forgive me any pain I would
ever cause him, and deny it as well.
If they found out he thought,
then our love was lost. Even now
I'm amazed, how love can survive,
in spite of all our visible
and hidden scars.

by Cheryl Lynn Moyer Peele

Comments (9)

I understand this one. True Love. Still. GW62
Cheryl- This made me smile. a ten for me -shannon
True love is sweet success at any age. Great write!
Cheryl, That is a beautiful sentiment - - - I hope you got him help! ... By the way, no more horse shoes for you, right? (Isn't an 8 year old a little young for you?) B.V.A.
Cheryl, i too have been through this on first hand and i truly agree. Love is inexplainable, but its there, and it can cause us to do all sorts of crazy stuff to each other. Definitely a great poem. Thanks!
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