It's Just Love

If he does it once
He will do it twice
We are too strong
To just let it carry on
He looks at you
And says its love
If love feels like this
I wish not to love.
How many times do you cry at night
Afraid to go to sleep
Scared you are going to get beat
Its not every night
Only his bad days
He goes out and gets drunk
And comes back for you
He is not in his right mind
So he takes it out on you
First with a slap
Then with a punch
Another kick comes
And now you are laying down
Feeling smaller than a crumb
You are tired and fed up
And down right done
You get up and fight back
He looks at you dumb
He falls on his feet
Now he shall not sleep
U look at him he looks like a bum
U stare at him and smile
Then boldly you say
Hey its just love

by Ebone Cheatham

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Touching, so sad to read..yet so much strength comes from this heart felt really have written something that reaches out...almost to say....Hey! listen to me....Remarkable poem...*10* Best wishes Jon