DLW (8-12-1970 / Columbus, OH)

Life Is Like A Game Of Chess...

Life is like a game of chess.
you're either one side or the other. Male or Female.
You start off strong, and finish with nothing.
But between the beginning and end are ups and downs.

Just like chess, in life you start with people by your side.
Then you start losing pieces, pawns at first.
But those losses open your eyes.
Then you must be careful what you do.

You gain some confidence after awhile.
In life, you open up more at this time.
In chess, you risk more valuable pieces.
Then you lose someone important.

You seclude yourself in life, feeling safer.
In chess you surround your king with your last pieces.
Nobody is able to reach your king now.
Just like chess, nobody can get through to you.

You surround yourselft tightly with what you've got left.
Holding on as long as you can.
Until sooner or later, something breaks through.
It disturbs your peace, you fight back, only to lose.
In chess, you lose your king, in reality, you lose your life.

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