AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)

It's Just Not For Me

I've finally figured out that love doesn't work for me
I get hurt everytime
My feelings get crushed everytime
I've had enough of this
Love just isn't for me
Im not opening up anymore
This store is closed for business
Im not letting my emotions show anymore
I've never shead a tear for anyone
What you thought I was going to cry over you?
You've got to be kidding me
Yeah ill admitt i was in love
But i've had my heart broken before
So this is not nothing new to me
Im not going to lose sleep over you
Im not going to think about what we could of been
Im not even going to think about you period
Once it's over its a done deal
Dont come crying back to me
I dont ever give second chances
Once you say those words
You know what im talking about
'It's over'
Oh how I really hate those words
But I'll forgive but wont forget
Im moving on I dont need you.

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Comments (2)

Your heart is a closed store, yet the emotions just do not end; excelent peice such a release of your feelings
i loved the line 'Im not going to lose sleep over you' i think i wrote sumfing along the lines of this anyway; great write!