(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It's Like This...

It's like this...
Whatever you are now seeing,
But did not see then.
Or refused to see it for what it was,
Has not changed!

The reason it is in your focus,
Is you now find it on your back!
And you believe it is something,
You can brush or shake off!
Just like that.
You know...
Like something you've been accustomed,
To doing.

It's like this...
That chip you carried on your shoulder?
It is now a boulder.
It's like this...
You are not the only one carrying it,

Expect it to be there for a while.
Since you and the others...
Have more now in common than your realize!
And whatever was allowed to be put where it is...
Is yours.

You claimed it!
That is why it is there!
If it wasn't what you wanted,
It would not exist!

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