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It's My Life
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It's My Life

It's my life, what don't they get?
It's my life why do they give a sh@t?
When I decided what I wanted to do I did the wrongest thing I couldv'e done
I told my mom
Did I get the encouragement my sisters get?
No I got a what the sh@t!
'You're a straight a student why would you want to do this! '
That's the encouragement I got.
I don't understand what's wrong
My sister wants to be an ACTRESS
Even though she can't act a lick!
Why am I faced with this sh@t?
Why am I put down and used as the source of all their laughter?
She called all her friends and told them how I ruined her plans of being her future doctor.
'A fashion designer's not so bad I can make 500K a year and that's if i don't have my own company'
That's what I told her
But do you think she really cared?
Why must I be forced to be what she wants me to be or I must be the outcast
She always says she's so reasonable
But that's just what she wants us to think
I'm so tired of all this sh! t why cant I be me and do me
It's my life and am gonna live it so keep talking if you want but this is my business.
It's my life, 'Why do you give a sh! t? '

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Interesting poem with a simple meaing.....let me live my life, don't live it for me....I run the show
Many a time we don't get what we desire but only what we deserve! That is HIS way of guiding us! Let us, therefore, accept what HE plans for us and we are bound to realize its greatness in due course, if not now!