(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It's Never Too Late

An influence not received,
By young children unfamiliar with discipline...
In their most impressionable and growing up years,
Is almost impossible to prioritize.
Especially when those disguises,
Have been tried on and adorned.

Listening to a lecture delivered by either mom or dad,
When a sitting behind prison bars...
Has been an effective sentence given.
Aspects then mentioned about moral values...
And the benefits of maintaining good sportsmanship,
Is about as meaningful with content...
As dangling a steak in front of a starving dog.

What purpose is a lesson to teach...
To captivate with imagination,
If the classroom has been long cleared of its students?
And every avenue to one's learning process,
Has been padlocked.

Those who argue it's never too late,
To initiate the implementation of an investment...
With the expectation of dividends,
That will benefit handsomely the lives of their children?
Not to be perceived as a pessimist,
There are those times when one waits much too long...
To get an effective message across.

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