It's Nice To Think

It's nice to think that when i am not around here down hill towards the sea the babbling stream will run
And rabbits nibble the grass by the hedgerow and magpie on the gum flute in the sun
And life as such will carry on as usual and deciduous trees will lose their leaves in the Fall
To Mother Earth the mother of all Nature the Earth who will receive us one and all.

It's nice to think that when i am not around here in the Summer sun the dappled butterflies
Will flit around the flower beds in the garden and in the gray dawn just before sun rise
The gray shrike thrush will whistle on the wattles and gold billed blackbird with the familiar song
Will pipe on the power line along the roadside and young birds in their nests chirp all day long.

It's nice to think that when i am gone forever and trace or tidings of me can't be found
That on Mother Earth the food source of all life forms food will still grow and life will still abound
And in late Spring the hawthorns in their splendour will wear their fragile blossoms white as snow
And Nature will change her colours with the Seasons and days and weeks and months and years will come and go.

by Francis Duggan

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