(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It's No Act

Those who have awaited too late,
Procrastinating to hesitate...
To catch up with a speeding done,
Of a fast paced reality they chose to believe...
If ignored to deny they could escape from the truth!
And from it hide.

But those days do come and from many they leave.
With a belief the ones who have struggled daily,
To face and remove obstacles...
Should and would be at their disposal to dispense,
Experiences to share and at 'their' expense.
And should express excitement and overwhelming joy!

Although annoyed but yet empathetic...
Some try to do their best,
To explain each step ahead one may expect.
And with a sitting down patiently,
This attempt comes next.
With a doing that is suspected to be effective.

'You seem to be irritated with me.'

~Once again...
'We'...you and I, are now outside.
And that light you see in the sky,
Is referred to as the Sun.~

'Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I need to write this down.
You are rushing through this too fast.
These lessons aren't easy for me to come.'

~I'm not qualified to provide you with basic training.~

Getting a little testy are we?
Your ride on a high horse gives you reason to believe,
You know so much and people like me are beneath?
You 'act' as if asking you a few questions is a waste of time.
And you find people like me to be just too slow in mind! '

~Which ever way you put it...
The fact of it is,
It's no act!
And to leave you with the taking of this positive note,
Invite more Sun for you to come.
Welcome IT and the being provoked.~

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